Why Your Website Is Losing You Money

Aug 02

Here's a little story explaining why bad website design is a disaster for SEO and is therefore losing you money:


Suppose you’ve started your business and are proud of your product. It’s a great product and you know for certain that there’s a market for it. What’s more, most of your potential customers are walking up and down the high street outside. Some of them have heard about this great product and are looking for your shop. Excellent so far.

You’re waiting, rubbing your hands in excitement. Just wait until they see it, you’re thinking. But wait you do and still no one walks past. Problem is, they can’t find it. Your presence on the high street is so small that no one seems to find you. You’ve got the product of the century but they’re all walking by, distracted by competitors and shopping there instead.

Eventually, your efforts in signposting the street leads a steady stream of potential customers your way. Still no sales. Some of them come in and take a look around whilst others peek through the windows and quickly leave. The place is a total mess. Those that put up with the ancient décor and the horrible music aren’t even sure what you’re selling.

Even fewer find your product (hidden beneath a pile of old newspapers) but, fortunately, they recognise its brilliance and want to buy it at once. Finally, you think, a sale. But looking around the shop they can’t see the till and there’s no shop assistant either. Having tested their patience enough, they look no further. The last of your potential customers leave and you’re left wondering where it all went wrong.


You wouldn’t expect this shop owner to succeed, and yet far too often businesses treat their websites the same way.


How do I make my website SEO-friendly?

In the digital age, your website is your shop-front. You have to look after it as if it was your entire business on display to the public. The internet is far larger than any high street and you need to set your standards high if you want to remain competitive. These are some of the most important factors in establishing your online presence.


Firstly, your site needs to be found. If your site is not SEO friendly, then you’ll rarely get the chance to show-off your product.

Your site needs to be responsive. Failing to make your site mobile-friendly negatively affects your search ranking and turns away many potential customers. Ignore mobile users at your peril – this trend is continuing to grow and responsive sites are a part of customer’s expectations.

Your site needs a call to action. This is common knowledge but it’s also a common mistake. If you want to convert a visitor to your site into a customer, you need to tell them how.

Your site needs to be well designed. When you walk into a shop that’s unpleasant to be in, you’re much less likely to make a purchase. Websites are no different. If your site looks the part and is well organised, you will find it easier to build trust and convert visits into sales.


At Us4design we recognise the challenges to creating great websites, especially for small businesses. We therefore endeavour to build modern and professional websites that add value to your brand. If you want to raise your business to the next level and stand apart from your competitors, contact us today to find out how we can help design and develop your website.


Featured Image: Closed Down| © Ged Carroll, Flickr.