Why you need to use YouTube in your digital strategy

Feb 02

YouTube can be a crucial tool for any business. The power of video continues to rise exponentially and successful businesses are ones that can harness the power of video most effectively. Text is becoming gradually less important as users spend more time taking the easy, aesthetically pleasing option of watching videos rather than reading text.


The stats speak for themselves. There are as many as 4 billion video views every day on the site and YouTube is now the world’s largest search engine behind Google. What is more, it is a very engaging platform - users comment on, like and share YouTube videos constantly and the potential for creating something that goes viral is endless.


Having a YouTube account for your business allows you to show your products and services in a really personal way. In this day and age, people expect to see what they can expect to receive from you in advance, and have full confidence in what they will get or what experience they will enjoy. Your competitors will be using video and if you don’t, you will be left behind.


Another key point about video content is that these appear in Google and other search engines under the video tab. This gives you another means of appearing at the top of the organic search in Google. The more quality, relevant content you produce, the higher your website will appear in search engines, and the more business you will receive.

The beauty of this modern world that we live in is that it has never been easier to make videos yourself, so get out there and get filming!


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Featured Image: 'YouTube' - © 2017 Google