Website Design

Do Landing Pages Matter?

Jan 24

You might think that the most important part of a PPC campaign is all down to the Adwords auction. You may put all your energy into your bid strategy and writing killer ad copy, but if you neglect your landing pages, all that effort could be futile. Landing pages are often overlooked by digital marketers far more than they should be. In fact, the landing page is crucial in your quest for relevance, which determines your Quality Score, and in turn, sets the value you need to bid for.   If this all sounds like gibberish, fear not, because Us4Design, an Essex-based digital marketing agency, is here to help...

Why Your Website Is Losing You Money

Aug 02

Here's a little story explaining why bad website design is a disaster for SEO and is therefore losing you money:   Suppose you’ve started your business and are proud of your product. It’s a great product and you know for certain that there’s a market for it. What’s more, most of your potential customers are walking up and down the high street outside. Some of them have heard about this great product and are looking for your shop. Excellent so far. You’re waiting, rubbing your hands in excitement. Just wait until they see it, you’re thinking...