#Twitter10k - The End Of Micro-Blogging?

Jul 21

You need not worry about your tweets being cut off any more. With the news of #Twitter10k, your tweets can now be as long as 10,000 characters. But what does this mean? Will Twitter even be able to survive any more with the loss of its speedy, snappy brand? Twitter itself is based around fitting all the information you can into short excerpts that cut right to the point – the most popular form of micro-blogging in existence. 

Well, let's quickly look at what this actually means. Are our Twitter feeds going to be full of long-winded messages? In short, no. Twitter is removing the character limit on images and links, so as to allow for more content to appear on the site. Rather than sharing a screenshot of an image with text, which can't be analysed by Twitter's crawlers, the links to read more will allow users to say more in a tweet, but the look of Twitter will remain largely the same. 

Why does Twitter want to do this? The main reason is that while Twitter is fantastic for breaking news, the stories tend to move on to different publishers for longer text and comment, leaving Twitter and it's 140 characters trailing in their wake. This move represents a step towards becoming an even larger source of content, information and news. 

The reassuring fact behind all these headlines is that Twitter wants to stay as the champion of brevity, the master of shorthand that it has been for so long. Twitter appreciates that users don't want too much to change, but also sees #Twitter10k as an opportunity to enhance the user experience across the site. If Twitter can provide more content on the site and encourage more in-depth discussion within its platform, surely that can only be a good thing?