Social Media

More Emotion From Facebook

Aug 09

After a year of waiting, Facebook has finally launched Reactions to the world. Newsfeeds have already been bombarded with emojis as users are now able to react to different posts. “Like”, “Love”, “Haha”, “Sad” or “Angry” emojis allow us to express how we feel about different posts with more emotional accuracy. These emojis seem to be Facebook’s reaction to the “Dislike” button that many have been asking for since day one.  Prior to the long-awaited advancement, we were limited to either 'liking' peoples' stories, or constructing a comment to express our reaction...

#Twitter10k - The End Of Micro-Blogging?

Jul 21

You need not worry about your tweets being cut off any more. With the news of #Twitter10k, your tweets can now be as long as 10,000 characters. But what does this mean? Will Twitter even be able to survive any more with the loss of its speedy, snappy brand? Twitter itself is based around fitting all the information you can into short excerpts that cut right to the point – the most popular form of micro-blogging in existence.  Well, let's quickly look at what this actually means. Are our Twitter feeds going to be full of long-winded messages? In short, no...