SEO & PPC Working Together in Harmony

Oct 21

SEO or PPC? Which is the most effective means of bringing users to your website? Do users engage more with the organic search results or do they see your paid advert as a sign that you really know what you are doing? In reality, the best strategy for SEO and PPC is to use them together.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is overlooked far more often than it should be. Some businesses see that they can pay their way to the top of Google and look for the quick PPC fix. While this may bring users to your website, and even encourage some to pay for what you are selling, this will not work as a long term strategy. What’s more, it is a highly expensive means of attracting visitors. What with Google’s determination to increase relevancy throughout its platforms, the cost per click for a business that pays no attention to SEO will go through the roof.

On the other hand, relying solely on SEO is also not the most cost-effective option. Filling your website with useful and engaging content is vital, not just from Google’s point of view, but also from your customers’. Chances are that the more relevant content you have, the better your user experience will be. And given that internet users are as much as nine times more likely to click on the organic search results than the paid results, SEO is undoubtedly essential.

That said, paid search results lead to conversions almost twice as much as their organic counterparts, so PPC shouldn’t be ignored either. Many small business owners are wary of the Google Adwords platform because they see it as a risky form of advertising. However, a well thought out strategy (using keywords from your SEO tags and landing pages that are not only relevant to the search terms, but also to the rest of your site as a whole), Adwords need not be daunting.

The key to PPC is testing. Find a formula that works for your business using minimal funds and then crank it up and see your sales go through the roof. If you are building a PPC campaign off the back of a search engine optimised website, which is relevant to both Google and the user, you will enjoy low prices for your ads and plenty of traffic. In other words, SEO and PPC working together in perfect harmony.


Featured Image: seo-vs-ppc | © Nancy Louis, Flickr.