Goodbye Keywords, Hello Cameras

Nov 16

Imagine you start to notice the same bicycle parked down your street every day. You really love the bicycle; the colour, the shape, the size, it is exactly the type you want to buy for yourself. But your chances of meeting the bicycle owner to ask where they purchased their bike from are very slim, and no matter how many ways you describe the bicycle to Google, you cannot find the same one in your search results. This is where CamFind and similar apps step in. Simply snapping a photo of an object can now conduct an internet search without using a single word...

SEO & PPC Working Together in Harmony

Oct 21

SEO or PPC? Which is the most effective means of bringing users to your website? Do users engage more with the organic search results or do they see your paid advert as a sign that you really know what you are doing? In reality, the best strategy for SEO and PPC is to use them together. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is overlooked far more often than it should be. Some businesses see that they can pay their way to the top of Google and look for the quick PPC fix. While this may bring users to your website, and even encourage some to pay for what you are selling, this will not work as a long term strategy...

Why Your Website Is Losing You Money

Aug 02

Here's a little story explaining why bad website design is a disaster for SEO and is therefore losing you money:   Suppose you’ve started your business and are proud of your product. It’s a great product and you know for certain that there’s a market for it. What’s more, most of your potential customers are walking up and down the high street outside. Some of them have heard about this great product and are looking for your shop. Excellent so far. You’re waiting, rubbing your hands in excitement. Just wait until they see it, you’re thinking...