Why has Google removed ads from the right side of their search results?

Nov 29

Back in February, Google made what many PPC and SEO commentators considered a groundbreaking move. Google decided to remove all ads from the right hand side of the search results. People envisaged disastrous consequences for advertisers and SEO gurus alike, as it would reduce the amount of information above the fold. At Us4Design, we have been looking back at the changes and seeing what effect, if any, they have really had.   It is perhaps best to start with why. Why did Google feel the need to make these changes? First and foremost, the answer has to be revenue...

SEO & PPC Working Together in Harmony

Oct 21

SEO or PPC? Which is the most effective means of bringing users to your website? Do users engage more with the organic search results or do they see your paid advert as a sign that you really know what you are doing? In reality, the best strategy for SEO and PPC is to use them together. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is overlooked far more often than it should be. Some businesses see that they can pay their way to the top of Google and look for the quick PPC fix. While this may bring users to your website, and even encourage some to pay for what you are selling, this will not work as a long term strategy...

DFSAs: The Latest Adwords Update

Sep 28

New updates to Google Adwords just keep on coming. DFSAs (Demographics For Search Ads) are here to spice up campaigns and allow users to better target their customers. When used well, the potential of DFSAs to significantly increase ROI is huge. Users can use this feature with both new and returning visitors to reach the demographics that they value most highly, according to age and gender. The reason this feature is so powerful is twofold: firstly, with custom bidding users can specifically target their audience segments with the highest conversion rate and secondly, any demographics can be easily excluded...