Email Marketing
Since the dawn of the internet, though paid advertising and social media have entered the digital marketing fray, email marketing remains one of the stalwarts of the digital age. Email still has a huge role to play for advertisers because it is such a direct route to the target market. What is more, it encourages audience engagement and champions brand loyalty. 

An Affordable Option

A key benefit of email marketing is it's cost-effective nature. Sending emails is free and with a well designed template and clear message, it can be a very effective means of making sales and driving engagement. It allows you to reach out to current and prospective customers with your latest offers and promotions, details of new products or services, helpful tips and advice, and any other marketing messages for free. These messages handily end up in your target audience's inbox, ready to read. 

A successful email marketing campaign can be built using some simple software, well-written content and a list of subscribers. E-newsletter services like Mailchimp have made this process even easier, so even small businesses can compete. 

Here at Us4Design, our experience with small businesses in Essex has taught us that email marketing drives Return on Investment (ROI), for the simple reason that in a newsletter campaign, the majority of recipients have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Understandably, the returns tend to be stronger than targeting a more generic audience. Many businesses have a list of emails from customers or subscribers, but aren't using this in email marketing campaigns. If your business falls into this category, you could see a huge return on investment. 

Us4Design Strategy

The key to achieving success with email marketing is to deliver value to your customers. The goal is to build a successful, long-term strategy through interesting, helpful content that directly targets your customers. Our approach includes: 

Building your list: We help you to identify which customers you should be targeting and ensure that your subscribers care about the messages you send them. 

Template design: We can design a great template for you, which raises brand awareness and increases customer loyalty. 

Content: From writing the messages to the email subject line, we can take care of all your email marketing content, or work with you to achieve the best results for your business. 

Testing: As with any aspect of digital marketing, testing is essential. We analyse the reports to determine why some customers might be responding better than others and work on a strategy to drive engagement and sales.

Whatever your email marketing needs, Us4Design can cover everything, from designing templates to tracking analytics to help you build and sustain a succesful email marketing campaign.