Do Landing Pages Matter?

Jan 24

You might think that the most important part of a PPC campaign is all down to the Adwords auction. You may put all your energy into your bid strategy and writing killer ad copy, but if you neglect your landing pages, all that effort could be futile. Landing pages are often overlooked by digital marketers far more than they should be. In fact, the landing page is crucial in your quest for relevance, which determines your Quality Score, and in turn, sets the value you need to bid for.


If this all sounds like gibberish, fear not, because Us4Design, an Essex-based digital marketing agency, is here to help. A landing page is the page on your site that users go to when they click on your ad. Landing pages are expected to be easy to navigate, nicely laid out and contain the information that a user has been searching for. The crux of any Google Adwords campaign is relevance and Google gives preference to ads that are relevant to searches. In other words, the ads that seem to provide users with the most helpful information.


Ads must be relevant to the search term, but what some digital marketers forget is that the landing page must also be relevant too! The more you can target a landing page to the search term, the lower your bounce rate will be and the more Google will show your ad. This is how Quality Score works. It is determined by a number of factors, including the history of your domain and the consistent relevance you provide. The higher your quality score, the lower you will have to bid, so a quality landing page will save you money.


The important thing is to optimise your landing pages effectively. Think carefully about the keywords you are targeting and write ad copy and landing page content that is relevant to the search terms. Although it takes time initially, you will notice the reward of a carefully structured PPC account when you are able to make low bids to take you to the top of Page 1 of the search results. Not only will Google prefer your ads to those of your competitors, but you will attract more visitors that are genuinely interested in your product. Neglect landing pages at your peril!


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