DFSAs: The Latest Adwords Update

Sep 28

New updates to Google Adwords just keep on coming. DFSAs (Demographics For Search Ads) are here to spice up campaigns and allow users to better target their customers. When used well, the potential of DFSAs to significantly increase ROI is huge.

Users can use this feature with both new and returning visitors to reach the demographics that they value most highly, according to age and gender. The reason this feature is so powerful is twofold: firstly, with custom bidding users can specifically target their audience segments with the highest conversion rate and secondly, any demographics can be easily excluded. As a result, users can expect to see an increase in ROI, a reduction in CPA and overall, a higher quality of traffic.

How to Use DFSAs

Analyse: In the ‘audiences’ tab, you will be able to analyse the historical performance of each demographic and choose where to apply bid adjustments for age and gender. You will probably want to increase the bids on existing keywords, particularly those that are specific to your brand, for the demographics you are targeting.

Remarketing: The next thing to consider is how to use DSFAs alongside your pre-existing remarketing campaigns. Herein lies the power of the DSFA: you can not only target new customers with generic search terms, but also reach out to a specific demographic within a remarketing campaign.

Creativity: DFSAs give users the chance to be even more creative with their ads than ever. You can tailor ads to focus on the specific characteristics or habits of each demographic. Of course, it is always important to stick to the recognised practices of your brand and why it appeals to customers.

Landing Pages: To make the most of DFSAs, you will need to tailor your landing pages as well. Splitting your campaigns according to each demographic will allow you to bring searchers to a highly relevant landing page, increasing your ROI.

Exclusions: Possibly more important than targeting customers is excluding those to whom the ad won’t be relevant. For a product aimed at men, exclude women!


DFSAs are another example of marginal gains. Though they don’t revolutionise the system, they are a way to lower your CPAs and crucially increase your ROI. The full power of DFSAs are still being explored, but experimenting for yourself is the best way to see how well they can work for you. 


Featured Image: 'Demographics for Search Ads' | © Ad.In Advertising