Why you need to use YouTube in your digital strategy

Feb 02

YouTube can be a crucial tool for any business. The power of video continues to rise exponentially and successful businesses are ones that can harness the power of video most effectively. Text is becoming gradually less important as users spend more time taking the easy, aesthetically pleasing option of watching videos rather than reading text. The stats speak for themselves. There are as many as 4 billion video views every day on the site and YouTube is now the world’s largest search …

Do Landing Pages Matter?

Jan 24

You might think that the most important part of a PPC campaign is all down to the Adwords auction. You may put all your energy into your bid strategy and writing killer ad copy, but if you neglect your landing pages, all that effort could be futile. Landing pages are often overlooked by digital marketers far more than they should be. In fact, the landing page is crucial in your quest for relevance, which determines your Quality Score, and in turn, sets the value you need to bid for. If this …

Why has Google removed ads from the right side of their search results?

Nov 29

Back in February, Google made what many PPC and SEO commentators considered a groundbreaking move. Google decided to remove all ads from the right hand side of the search results. People envisaged disastrous consequences for advertisers and SEO gurus alike, as it would reduce the amount of information above the fold. At Us4Design, we have been looking back at the changes and seeing what effect, if any, they have really had.   It is perhaps best to start with why. Why did Google feel the …

Goodbye Keywords, Hello Cameras

Nov 16

Imagine you start to notice the same bicycle parked down your street every day. You really love the bicycle; the colour, the shape, the size, it is exactly the type you want to buy for yourself. But your chances of meeting the bicycle owner to ask where they purchased their bike from are very slim, and no matter how many ways you describe the bicycle to Google, you cannot find the same one in your search results. This is where CamFind and similar apps step in. Simply snapping a photo of an obje…

SEO & PPC Working Together in Harmony

Oct 21

SEO or PPC? Which is the most effective means of bringing users to your website? Do users engage more with the organic search results or do they see your paid advert as a sign that you really know what you are doing? In reality, the best strategy for SEO and PPC is to use them together. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is overlooked far more often than it should be. Some businesses see that they can pay their way to the top of Google and look for the quick PPC fix. While this may bring users to…

DFSAs: The Latest Adwords Update

Sep 28

New updates to Google Adwords just keep on coming. DFSAs (Demographics For Search Ads) are here to spice up campaigns and allow users to better target their customers. When used well, the potential of DFSAs to significantly increase ROI is huge. Users can use this feature with both new and returning visitors to reach the demographics that they value most highly, according to age and gender. The reason this feature is so powerful is twofold: firstly, with custom bidding users can specifically ta…

More Emotion From Facebook

Aug 09

After a year of waiting, Facebook has finally launched Reactions to the world. Newsfeeds have already been bombarded with emojis as users are now able to react to different posts. “Like”, “Love”, “Haha”, “Sad” or “Angry” emojis allow us to express how we feel about different posts with more emotional accuracy. These emojis seem to be Facebook’s reaction to the “Dislike” button that many have been asking for since day o…

Why Your Website Is Losing You Money

Aug 02

Here's a little story explaining why bad website design is a disaster for SEO and is therefore losing you money:   Suppose you’ve started your business and are proud of your product. It’s a great product and you know for certain that there’s a market for it. What’s more, most of your potential customers are walking up and down the high street outside. Some of them have heard about this great product and are looking for your shop. Excellent so far. You’re wai…

#Twitter10k - The End Of Micro-Blogging?

Jul 21

You need not worry about your tweets being cut off any more. With the news of #Twitter10k, your tweets can now be as long as 10,000 characters. But what does this mean? Will Twitter even be able to survive any more with the loss of its speedy, snappy brand? Twitter itself is based around fitting all the information you can into short excerpts that cut right to the point – the most popular form of micro-blogging in existence.  Well, let's quickly look at what this actually means. Are …

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